April Lowe Fitness & Wellness, is an online coaching program designed to give one on one personal coaching to clients who are looking to improve their overall health, establish new habits for a healthier lifestyle, and meet their personal fitness goals. April is an HR Manager in the Corporate manufacturing sector by profession but wanted to also create a service to help share her knowledge of fitness and diet planning to others. After years of dieting, chasing fad fitness models, and over exercising, she has learned to live a healthier, balanced way of life, all while making sure overall health and longevity are top priorities.

She spent may years working with coaches, online fitness professionals, and in person training coaches to build her foundation of what model and coaching styles work best to get results. She also began dreaming of the stage and body building competing in 2021 by training for women’s physique body building with her own personal coach. She competed in two NPC regional level shows in 2022, placing 1st in her first show at the Northern KY Grand Prix, and 2nd in her second show in women’s physique body building at the KY Muscle in Louisville, KY.

The experience April has gained throughout her journey to weight loss and optimal health, allowed her to build an online program to help others with similar nutrition and fitness goals.

Her coaching style allows for individual attention to each client and tailored, personalized programs to help them reach their general wellness goals and optimal health.

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